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M. Garzon

Official website of M. Garzon, author of the bestselling series

Blaze of Glory

This beloved series has been optioned for television and is being translated into several different languages.

(recommended for ages 15+)


"By FAR the best book I have ever read." 

Emptynester Reviews


"I read it in one sitting. And then I read it a bunch of times after that. Yes, it's that good."


"M. Garzon has done it again and has another winner.  A remarkable coming of age series."

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"Garzon's gift for character development brings Halo Boy to life." 

–  The Gazette

"A lovely, charming, heart-warming prequel."

Awesome Possum Pony Club series

"A gorgeous story written with love." 

–  Books-a-Go-Go

"As good as the first one." 

–  Sidney, age 11

When she's not hiking up the sides of active volcanoes in the company of stray dogs, M. Garzon likes to take time to appreciate the fierce beauty of the natural world around her. She used to ride horses for a living, which was fantastic, but now considers herself extremely lucky to be a writer. She shares her home with two kids and too many rescue animals.



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Blaze of Glory Book Club Questions

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